In the gambling community, there is nothing worse than being called a “cheat,”; at least, if we talk about cheating other players to take away their money through cheating or unethical actions. However, many of those who have become famous with face-to-face casino traps, which is not the case with an online casino, have used their skills only to play against the house. This has earned them fame and admiration from a community that would hate to see how those tactics are used against the same players.

Favorite Game: Roulette and Other Table Games Self-

Marcus made most of his money with a simple but clever sleight-of-hand strategy. For example:
During a table game, he made a three-chip bet. The first two chips were $ 5 each, but the bottom chip was $ 5,000. The objective was to keep the chips very close so that the dealer could not distinguish the value of the chip below.
If Marcus won the bet, he would show the highest value chip in the fund to get a big payout. However, if he lost, he quickly replaced the $ 5,000 chip with another $ 5 chip, reducing the total loss of the hand to just $ 15.
With profits of $ 5,000 and losses of only $ 15 each time, getting rich was assured, a technique he would constantly use until he was finally caught and blacklisted for all Nevada casinos in 1999.
Favorite Game: Blackjack
Popularized by the mainstream media thanks to movies like 21, the MIT blackjack team has arguably become the best-known group of casino cheats in all of history. The celebrated team was originally created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and started with four members. At one point, it had more than 80 active members spread across the country and many other schools. The organization functioned successfully for almost 20 years, beginning in 1979 and continuing until the late 1990s.

Favorite Game: Roulette
After spending hundreds of hours typing in the roulette results with the help of a computer, Garcia-Pelayo transferred his skills to the Madrid casino, where he made six-figure winnings.
From there, he headed to Las Vegas and made over $ 2 million playing roulette alone.
After this rain of prizes, he was quickly banned from all casinos in the state, trying to prevent him from winning.
However, García-Pelayo claimed the Supreme Court, which finally ruled in his favor and allowed him to keep his money.
His notoriety prevents him from playing in the main casinos to this day.

Favorite Game: Craps
There are few ways to try to win at the craps table, and none of the known methods are easy to use. It is considered practically impossible to control how even a single die can roll and fall during a roll, but the famous dice cheat Dominic LoRiggio, also known as “The Dominator,” said he had been able to develop a method that allowed him to control not just one but both dice.

To date, he is the only known player to have used this technique systematically, making it nearly impossible for experts to recreate the process and demonstrate its validity.

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