Don’t bet too much on the other players. Save your money to bet on your runs.
Every bet you make on another shooter involves a new game against the casino. There is no difference between making three different bets Malaysia online casino and between making a bet on three players since, in both cases, you are betting on three plays. Why double or triple the plays?

    .    Limit yourself to bets with the highest odds of winning to try to reduce the casino edge.
And what bets do I make on other shooters? Either a Pass Line or a Come, which has more expectations.

   .    The casino advantage is 1.41% on Pass and Come, which means losing $ 1.41 for every $ 100 wagered or 14 cents for every $ 10. It is close to 50/50, an even game. Betting on Pass and Eat the maximum is a good option.
When I’m the shooter, I make three initial bets. One to Pass Line and two to Come. If I make a good roll, I spread my bets on all the numbers and increase the Pass and Come portion to increase my expectations.

     .   Do not mix your budget to bet with the money of the day today.
It is a good practice to separate your daily money from your budget to gamble. In this way, you will be able to keep full control of your losses/winnings in the game, and you will not use the money you need to pay for your children’s rent or school in the casino.

     .   Place bets based on the volume of your budget.
If you have $ 10 and bet cents, then losses will not be significant. But if you bet $ 1 and lose it, you are losing a very significant percentage of your budget.
The first budget I had when I started playing was $ 5,000, which was a lot of money for me at the time. I made bets too high and – unfortunately – lost every last penny.

    .    Learn how to roll the dice.
Is the dice a game of chance, or can some players become winners?
Still, Victory996 Malaysia game experts and regular players just don’t quite believe me. Most of them have never tried to learn the technique of the roll or are people who have tried it and have not succeeded. Still, there are players who master throwing techniques but who make such small bets that they have failed to become winners.

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